Faforlife FAQ

Faforlife FAQ


Q1: How much is the registration fee?
Ans: YOU CAN START with any amount such as 6k, 18k, 48k, 120k, etc.

Q2: Can I register with a smaller amount or single account??
Ans: Yes, you can start with N6000 for Smart entry level and make profits on referrals.

Q3: If I pay now, when will I start earning??
Ans: You can start earning immediately you start referring investors and others under you start doing same. Remember, no money is a loss in FAFORLIFE because after investing, the Company will send products worth your registration fee as your welcome package.

Please note that earnings come daily when you have activities under you.

Q4: Will I pay again for an upgrade if I intend to get to the next entry stage??
Ans: Yes, for you to upgrade to the next entry stage, you have to pay up the balance for that entry level. For instance, if u were on Smart(6k) package and u want to upgrade to Basic(18k) you need to pay 12k to upgrade.

Q5: Will I be paid weekly or monthly??
Ans: You get paid Daily for all the daily activities going on under you, whatever people under you do, you receive some % depending on the level you invested with.
Cash outs in FAFORLIFE is every Thursday.

Q6: Do I need to refer or bring people to move to stages??
Ans: Every business needs people to grow. In building this network, you and I need to refer people. Others under our legs need to do same too. We build a stronger team together.(nothing like stages. U earn more if u refer but if u are okay with just Binary bonus u relax�)

Q7: What is my duty in the team??
Ans: Your duty is to share posts on social media platforms. Your major duty is to refer as many as you can, starting from your contact and social media. So all your friends on social media can see it and join.

Q8: How can I get started?
Ans: contact us below

Tel: +2347086933881

Contact us on WhatsApp