Just Like MMM, We Have Been Scammed Again- Nigerians Cries Out As Racksterli Reportedly Crashes Today

Nigerians have reacted over the news that the Racksterli program has crashed. Racksterli is an affiliate program that allows users to invest with them and after a month, they will cash out their money with 52% increments of their investments.


The programs before it crashed had over 70,000 active users and amongst them are those who invested millions and hundreds of thousands. However, the users are unable to cash out their money as the time for withdrawal reach and the website failed to load.

Taken to the Racksterli's official page on Instagram, many Nigerians pleads with the CEO of that they no longer need the increments again that all they need is their money. Instagram user identified as akinnaanuoladapo wrote "Racksterli please na my house rent I used invest oh and this is my first investments. I beg you in the name of God even if it's just the capital, please refund"

Meanwhile, other Nigerians have taken to the twitter social media platforms to mocks their colleagues who believes that Racksterli is real. A twitter used identified as @doktormafia writes "Hope the owner of Racksterli knows what happened to Mr Mavrodi (MMM) after scamming Nigerians. Just a reminder, if he is thinking of putting people on cruise and getting away with it #Racksterli"

What would be your advise to Nigerians who are already affected in the ponzi scheme?

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